Glossary of Hebrew, Yiddish,
and other words and abbreviations

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Abba , father, also a cult singing group from the 70s
a biseleh - a very little
A broch! - Oh hell! Damn it!
A broch tsu mir! - Oy! I've been cursed.
A chazer bleibt a chazer! - A pig remains a pig!
a dank - thanks, thank you
A deigeh hob ich? - Is it my worry?
A feier zol im trefen - He should burn up!
A gezunt dahf dein kop! - Good health to you!
ahf tsores - in trouble
aidel - cultured
aliya - return to Israel, being called to the Torah, literally "going
alter kucker - old person, very derogatory
Am Yisroel - The people of Israel (all Jews).
azoy? - really?

bagels - Invented in Chelm, nothing like the doughy globs sold in North
American supermarkets/hard circular roll with a hole in the center.
balebatisheh yiden - Respectable Jews of good substance and standing.
balebosteh - housewife/hostess/capable homemaker/matriach
balnes - miracle worker
balshem - Term applied to a faith healer/performer of miracles.
Bar Mitzvah - A boy who, on completion of his l3th year, accepts the
responsibility of fulfilling the religious law/also the celebration of
this event (of becoming a man).
bas - daughter
Bas/Bat Mitzvah - A girl who has reached the age when she is required
to fulfill certain mitsvos (commands, obligations).
ben zona - Son of a prostitute.
bialys - like bagels, more gluten flour
Birkat hamazon - grace after a meal
blintses/blintzes - crepes filled with cheese and perhaps fruit
bobbeh/bubbee - grandmother
bocher - bachelor/unmarried man/young man
borsht - beet or cabbage soup
boychik - young boy
brech a fus - break a leg
bris or brit - circumcision of Jewish male
brocha - a prayer
bupkas - (Lit "beans") nothing

challah - Sabbath twists of egg-yolk colored bread/made in a variety of
shapes for various holidays.
chavurah , group of friends, prayer group
Chassid - a very orthodox Jew who dresses in a particular kind of black
suit and black hat with a black yarmulke underneath the hat. Chassidism
was founded in Poland in the 1700s by the Baal Shem Tov.
Chazen - Cantor
chazer/chazzer - pig
chazerai - junk (lit. "pig stuff")/unpalatable/rotten
chochem - wise man (slang) - a wise guy
chosser daieh - feeble-minded
chozer bitshuvah - a Jew who has become religious
chupeh - bridal canopy/ Its 4 poles signify the 4 corners of the world,
and a cloth "roof", sometimes blue, symbolic of the heavens.
chutzpah - audacity/utter nerve

Danken G-t! - Thank G-d!
daven - pray
Dershtikt zolstu verem! - You should choke on it!
draikop - Scatterbrain; one who tends to confuse you; one who connives
and twists the facts to serve his own purpose.
Drai zich! - Keep moving!
drek - trash/manure or excrement
Drek ahf a shpendel! - As unimportant as dung on a piece of wood!
Du bis a Yid? Gey gezunt! - Are you Jewish? Go in good health!
dumkop - dumbell/dunce
dybbuk - Soul condemned to wander for a time in this world because of
its sins. The dybbuk seeks refuge in the body of some pious person over
whom the demons have no power. The dybbuk is a Cabalistic conception.

ech - A groan/a disparaging exclamation.
Ei, gut - Great! Just great!
einhoreh - evil eye
eizel - fool/dope
El Al Airlines - 'to the sky'/Israel's national airline
emah - mother
Eretz Yisroel - The land of Israel.
Er frest vi a ferd - He eats like a horse.
es/essen - eat
es vet zich oys-hailen far der chasseneh: It will heal in time for the
wedding. (Told even to a child when s/he gets hurt. The implication is
that marriage is a cure-all).

fahrblunget - mixed up
faigeleh - little bird/slang for homosexual
famisht - confused
fardeiget - distressed/worried/anxiety
farfel - noodle dough, grated or chopped into barley sized grains
fargenigen - pleasure
farkuckt - dungy, sh*tty
farmatert - tired
farmisht - mixed up emotionally/befudled
Farshtaist? - You understand?
farshtunken - smells bad, stinky
far-tshadikt - confused, bewildered
flaishik/flaishidik - Meat or meat ingredients (must not be eaten at the
same meal with dairy foods).

Gai avek! - Go away!
gai gezunterhait - bon voyage/good-by
Gai plats! - Go split your guts!
ganef - crook/thief/burglar/swindler
gantser k'nacker! - Big shot!
gantser mentsh/mench - manly/a whole man/a complete man
gatkes - long winter underwear
gebrenteh tsores - utter misery
gefilte fish - Stuffed fish, usually made of chopped fish, onions and
seasoning, and cooked in salt water.
Gey mit ayn fuss! - Break a leg!
gelt - money
gelt gait tzu gelt - money goes to money
Genug iz genug! - Enough is enough!
geshmak - tasty/delicious
get - divorce
gezunterhait - in good health
G-d - The 'o' is left out for religious reasons.
goilem - dull person/clumsy and sluggish/mechanical/robot/mythical
person made of mud
gornisht - nothing
goy - non-Jewish person
goyem - plural of 'goy'
goyish/goyisha - not Jewish
gribenes - small crisp pieces left from rendered poultry fat or skin,
Gut Shabbes! - Good Sabbath!
Gut yontev! - Good holiday!

Haddasah - world-wide Women's Jewish organization
Haftorah - The weekly reading from the Biblical Prophets
haken a tsheinik - [lit: banging a teapot]. Someone who startles, jars,
annoys by repeated intrusive speech or action. Also can mean boring,
long-winded and annoying conversation, sleep-inducing,
understimulating, hard to keep paying attention.
Halevei! - Would that it came true!
Ha Motzi - prayer giving thanks for food (bread)
Hashem - name for G-d. (lit. "the name")
haverah - prayer group

ich fargessen - I forgot
Ich hob in drerd! - To hell with it!
ipish - bad odor/stink

Kaddish - a prayer praising G-d, which separates sections of the
service. May also refer to the Mourners' kaddish which is basically the
same prayer/in praise of and submission to the will of G-d
kalah - bride
kemfer - fighter (usually for a cause)
kiddish - blessing over wine on the eve of the Sabbath or Festivals
kipa/yarmelke - skull cap
kishka - stuffed derma
kitsel - tickle klaperkeh - talkative woman
klemt beim hartz - clutches at my heartstrings
klotz/klutz - ungraceful, awkward, clumsy person
k'naidel - round dumplings usually made of matzoh meal and cooked in
knishes - dumplings filled with potato, meat, liver or barley
kolboynik - know it all
kosher - food that meets rules of Jewish dietary laws
kugel - casserole dish or baked desert
kvetch - complain

lamden - scholar, learned man
latke - Heaven on earth... potato pancakes!
Le'chaim! - To life!
levevah - plural for latke
Lig in drerd! - Get lost! Drop dead!
Lo b'shamayim hi - The Torah is not in heaven.
loch in kop - hole in the head
lokshen - noodles/pasta
lox - smoked salmon

macher - A big shot/man with contacts
maidel - girl
mamzer - bastard
mazel - luck
mazel tov - congratulations
mechitzoh - the physical barrier that separates men and women in
orthodox synagogues
mechiah , a great feeling, a relief, like taking off your shoes after
an all-day hike.
mench - a nice gentleman, good person
meshuga - crazy
mezuzah , The case affixed to the right side of the doorway of Jewish
homes containing a small portion of Deuteronomy in 22 lines,
handwritten on parchment.
mies - ugly
mies un mos - tedious/obnoxious
mikveh - ritual cleansing bath
milchiks - All dairy foods and cutlery, dishes and cooking utensils
used exclusively for dairy foods according to Jewish ritual
minyan - A group of at least l0 persons gathered to pray.
mishegas - craziness
mishpocheh - family/relatives
miskayt - ugly
mitzvah (mitsveh/Yiddish) - good deed
Mohel - The individual who performs the circumcision of a Jewish male.
mumcheh - expert

naches - Joy! Gratification, especially from children.
narishkeit - foolishness
nebish - a nerd!
neshemah - soul
neshomeleh - sweetheart/darling/sweet soul
Nishtu gedacht! - It shouldn't happen!/G-d forbid! (Lit., May we be
saved from it! [sad event])
nishtgutnick - no good person
nishtikeit - A nobody!
Nu? - So? Well?
nudje - annoying person, badgerer
nudnik - pesty nagger, a bore, obnoxious person

och! - Exclamation of surprise, dismay or disapproval.
Oi vai iz mir! - Woe is me!
oleh chadash - new immigrant to Israel, (olim chadashim pl.)
ongetrunken - drunk
opgeflickt - Done in! Suckered! (Lit., plucked out like a chicken)
oy - denotes disgust, pain, astonishment or rapture
oysgehorevet - exhausted

Pesach - Passover
petseleh - little penis (affectionately applied to infant boy)
Peyot or Peyos - long full "sideburns" because of the commandment not
to trim the corners of your beard. Often the peyot are curled.
pisher - very young boy/can be an insult
pishteppel - pee pot
pletzels - usually onion-flavored flat breads
plotz - fall over in despair
potch - a little slap
proster oilem - common people
pupik - belly button
pushkeh - poor box (In every traditional Jewish home, odd coins are put
in this, particularly on Friday afternoon before the Sabbath begins;
money is used for the support of philanthropic and educational

Rachov Tsimtsim - Sesame Street
Rav - Rabbi/religious leader of the community.
Reb - Title given to a learned and respected man.
Rebiniu - Term of endearment for a Rabbi.
Rebitzin - Rabbi's wife
rasheh - mean, evil person
Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur - Jewish High Holy Days

Shabbas goy - Someone doing the dirty work for others. (Lit., Gentile
doing work for a Jew on Sabbath)
shmaltz , fat
schmaltzy - sentimental/corny
schmuck - not a nice person/also male genitalia (literal)
schvitz - perspire
Shabbot/Shabbas - The Jewish sabbath.
shadchen - matchmaker or marriage broker
shainkeit - beauty
shammas - The guardian of the Synagogue
shanda - outrage or shame i.e. 'that's a shame'
shaygitz - non Jewish man (pl. shkootzim)
shayna - pretty (f.) (shayn m.)
shepleffel - spatula
shikeh - drunk
shikseh - - Non-Jewish female (also used to imply a wild or impious
Jewish female).
shimmel - mould
shin men , name (lit: the 2 letters which spell the word "name" in
shiva - mourning period of 7 days observed by family/friends of
deceased. (Also the Hindu god of destruction. Coincidence?)
shlemil - a fool/always screwing up
shlep - carry
shlimazel - luckless person/incompetent person/one who has perpetual
bad luck
shmaltz - fat or greese/flattery(slang)/to sweet talk
shmata - rag, old clothing
shmear - bribe
shmootz - dirt
shnorrer - A beggar who makes pretensions to respectability; moocher; a
parasite, but always with resourcefulness in getting money from others
as though it was his own.
shoah - the holocaust
shpilkes - Lit. needles - nervousness, hyperactivity
shtetl - small Jewish village
shtick - routine i.e. Seinfeld has a good shtick
strudel - sweet cake made of paper-thin dough rolled up with various
fillings (usually fruit and nuts) and baked
shvitz bod - steam bath
shtup - push, shove/vulgar for sexual intercourse
shul/shule - synagogue
shvais - perspiration (noun)
shvitz - sweat
siddur - prayer book
shtreimel - a black fur hat worn by Chassid men.
szhlob/zhlub - moron

tallis/tallit - prayer shawl
Tanach - the whole Bible
tanta - aunt
tashlikh/tashlich - Ceremony of the casting off of sins on the Jewish
New Year.
tateleh - little darling
tefillin - Leather cubes containing scriptural texts inscribed on
parchment; they are a sign of the covenant between God and Israel. Worn
during morning prayers by males over thirteen years old.
tei-yerinkeh - sweetheart/dearest
toches-lecker - A person who will do anything to gain favor/a*s kisser!
toochie/toches - buttocks, behind, fanny
Torah - The 5 books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Levitucus, Deuteronomy,
traif - not kosher
tsheinik , see haken a tsheinik
tsooris/tsuris - troubles/misery
tut mir hanoeh - it gives me pleasure (also used sarcastically)
tut vai dos harats - heartbroken
tzimmes - a carrot based side dish, a big deal

um-be-rufen - unqualified, uncalled for/G-d forbid/a deprecation to
ward off evil
utz - to goad/to needle

Vat? - What?
Ve gates - How goes?
vey/vai - woe, pain; usually appears as "oy vey"

yarmulke - skull cap, kipah
yartzeit - Anniversary of the day of death of parents or other
relatives/yearly remembrance of the dead.
yenta - busybody/one who gossips
yeshiva - religious school
Yid , Jew (pl. Yiddn)
yizkor - Prayer in commemoration of the dead.
Yom Tov - holiday

zaftik - pleasantly plump and pretty/well-stacked/sensuous looking
zayde/zaide - grandfather
zei mir gezunt - Be well!
zetz - a slap
zonah - prostitute

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