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How to Subscribe

First, note that rec.humor.jewish is not an emailing list, it's a discussion group where we post and discuss humor, mostly Jewish. There are about 60,000 discussion groups, often called "newsgroups" or the "Usenet".

Don’t confuse the Usenet with "live chat". The Usenet is more like a bulletin board – you post a message, and later others may post answers. You get to view everything on the bulletin board, and others get to read yours.

In order to take part (read and post) to any of these groups, you need to use a news reader, like the one that's built into Netscape, Internet Explorer, AOL. You can also browse the Usenet by using a website like Dejanews.

Try clicking here:  news:rec.humor.jewish

Do NOT precede it with "http://"

If you’re on AOL, a screen that mentions parental controls or some other stuff will come up. Just hit okay, and voila, you're in! If you have other questions, look in AOL's help "USENET" section.

In Netscape or Internet Explorer, if you have Usenet access and it’s properly configured, the newsgroup will come up on your screen. If not:

1. jot down the error message

2. email me and tell me what it said. I’ll try to help you make the necessary change to make it work.

Alternate method:

Go to Look for "register" or "new users log in" or something like that. You need to register to get access to rec.humor.jewish. Registration is FREE, and doesn't (seem to) result in any spam email.

It will ask the name(s) of the newsgroups you wish to be subscribed to. Be careful to type the name of this group exactly.