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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Rec.Jewish.Humor, the home for Jewish humor on the Usenet! RHJ is for anyone who wants to share and discuss humor, primarily humor as it pertains to Jews, their culture, Israel, and the Jewish religion. Non-Jewish humor will also be accepted. The whole idea is to make people laugh!

*How do I post?

Rec.humor.Jewish is a moderated newsgroup. This means no one may post to it without the assistance of the moderation team and robo-moderator. It is moderated to keep it true to its charter. The charter specifies the focus of newsgroup is Jewish Humor. We also accept non-Jewish humor and the discussion of humor.

*What should I do before I post?

Users are strongly encouraged to read the informational postings in the newsgroup news.announce.newusers to familiarize themselves with USENET. It is also customary to “lurk” (view without posting) for a short period to get an idea as to what’s appropriate in the group.

*Do I need to put a “tag” on my joke?

Tags help the readers choose what to read or filter out. Posters are requested to use tags and descriptive subject lines when posting the types of material listed. The moderators may insert tags when appropriate. Put them in the beginning of the subject line (just the all-caps part).

The following tags are in use in RHJ

NJJF - Not Jewish Just Funny
NFJJ - Not funny, just Jewish
MAY-OFFEND - May contain offensive language
ANNOUNCE - Announcement from the moderators
INFO - Information post from anyone

*Why don't you allow only Jewish humor?

It's difficult to judge what makes a joke “Jewish”. Is it that the names of the characters are Jewish-sounding -- or that the characters are engaged in a Jewish custom? Rather than force posters to go thru the charade of "Jewishizing" generic jokes or creating the "Joke Police", the moderators encourage mostly Jewish jokes to be posted. But any joke will be accepted as long as the post follows our charter.

*Problems, rejections, appeals:

The moderators are a group of dedicated volunteers. We approve whatever meets the criteria as stated in our charter. We are human and do make mistakes. If you feel we have erred, please let us know *nicely*.

Each moderator works at his or her own pace. Just because you haven't seen it, don't assume it wasn't posted. It may have been posted and it hasn't propagated back to your site yet. On Shabbat and Jewish holidays, the delay can be 3-4 days. You will be notified if your submission was rejected.

If you have posted and do not see your article within a week, instead of resubmitting, email us asking about its status. All submitted posted receive an acknowledgement (ack) when our robo-moderator receives them. If you haven’t received an ack within a day, we haven’t received your post! The net is not 100% efficient and not all articles make it to all sites. We're not 100% efficient either, and on occasion, we'll lose a file or delete something by accident.

*A post of mine was rejected, but I think it should have been posted. How do I appeal this?

(1.) Please see our charter for a list of acceptable/unacceptable behavior.(2.) If you believe that it is within the charter, email the *original post* with a brief explanation to the board of moderators to the address below.

*How do I contact the moderators?

For policy matters and rejection appeals:
For submissions, feel free to use our email posting address:
For more information:
For “very technical” problems, use:

*Are the moderators the “funny filter?”

No. As you can see from the postings, we post humor and the discussion of humor, mostly Jewish. By sending a submission to a moderated newsgroup, your are acknowledging that real people (the moderators) will be reviewing it prior to posting. Our goal is, of course, to approve posts, not reject them. But if you don’t like this arrangement, don’t post to this newsgroup. There are over 40,000 newsgroups; only a handful are moderated.


*What would cause my post to be rejected: (see the charter for more information)

  • Anti-Semitism
  • Any flame, harassment, attack of a poster or the moderators. If you wish to tell someone of your disapproval, do so privately.
  • Offtopic material
  • Discussions about Jewish laws and practice which would be more appropriate for soc.culture.jewish.moderated or another NG.
  • Posting to an officially ended thread
  • Spam
  • Excessive crossposting
  • Posts technically non-compliant with our software
  • Sexually explicit material
  • Trolls
  • Copyright violations
  • Commercial advertisements

Who are the moderators?

There are eight of us, all dedicated volunteers, who try our best to make you - the participants - laugh! We read posts, answer questions, and along with RHJ’s technical wizard, divvy up the huge sums we make on this venture. (Whaddaya mean they post for free? Where’s the profit in that?!?).

Rev. 10/12/00