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A Bit of Background

On May 18, 1998, the voting for the creation of Rec.Humor.Jewish closed. On March 21, it was announced that we won with 395 yes votes!

moderated group rec.humor.jewish passes 395:27
There were 395 YES votes and 27 NO votes, for a total of 422 valid
votes.  There were 2 abstentions and 16 invalid ballots.

The newsgroup "alt.humor.jewish" was sadly being overrun by hatemongerers. And most of the non-hate postings to this NG contained messages urging others not to respond to the hatemongerers. These well-intentioned posters further decrease the signal-to-noise ratio. Their content was less offensive, but it is still off-topic, takes up space on servers worldwide, and bothers visitors to the NG who are looking for humour postings.

The goal here is to "start fresh", with a dedicated team of moderators to maintain certain minimum standards for postings. We only ask that they be vaguely on-topic and do not feature "hate" material. Almost anything else of a non-commercial nature goes, as long as the intention is humourous. Naturally, we do not attempt to judge the nature of humour itself; anything that looks harmless will be posted, regardless of our personal taste in jokes.

Please read our charter for more information.